Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gifts of Life by Heather Hunt - a review

I just finished reading Gifts of Life by Heather Hunt.  I liked it a lot.  So much so, that my next read is Gifts of Hope which I will start right after this blog post!
The main character experiences some serious tragedy and I like that it was realistic.  I also like that the author didn't focus on the crime as much as she focussed on the woman.  We got very good insight into her heart and head.  I enjoyed that.  I also liked that things weren't so tied in a pretty bow from the outset.  I love that the rascally man had anothe side to him.  And I enjoyed that the author focussed on both of them, their thoughts, their actions and their hearts.
The story itself was pretty fast paced.  We got a very good look at what life as helicopter pilot and nurse looks like.  The intrigue, the adrenaline rush, the sad fact that not everyone can be saved.
It was a really good story with incredibly descriptive moments.  I would recommend it and I will definitely be reading more of Heather Hunt's material! 
Happy Reading everyone!

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