Friday, 15 June 2012

Honor Redeemed by Lorie Lough

Normally, I love Lorie Lough.  Her characters are rich, she writes in a way that you can actually feel what the characters feel.  Her stories are great, intriguing and gripping.

But I'm having an issue with her First Responder Series.  I read the first one, From Ashes to Honor, and enjoyed it.  But it didn't end the way I would have chosen.  Enter book two, Honor Redeemed.  It lets you know what happened to the characters from book one.  But it was done in such a way that I felt like I had missed out on something.  I didn't like that part but since Honor Redeemed was a book about a new couple, I figured I'd give it a try.  Except this book ended just like the first, with things left hanging in the balance.  That is not my kind of book.  You become so invested in the characters that to jump forward to such a degree without reading what happened, at the time it happened, and not in retrospect, left me feeling somewhat removed....or empty.
I'll likely read the third of the series.  Eventually there will be a happy ending.  At least I hope there will be!  This series is worth reading, but it's not the type of series where one feels absolutely compelled to get the next book.  It's more of an "It's on my list; I'll read it someday"...which I will.

Having said that, not all people like a happy ending.  So if you want angst and a dangling ending, this is just the book for you!

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