Friday, 15 June 2012

Weight Loss

So, I'm down 19 pounds.  This is not an overnight thing.  I have been working at it since January.  I started following a weight loss blog.  If you want the link, let me know and I'll dig it up for you.  I joined  I started drinking a protein smoothie, by Visalus every morning and I began exercising thirty minutes to an hour after dinner each evening.
Just tracking my food has made quite a bit of difference.  Not that I am a huge eater, it's just that I was eating the wrong things.  Too many starches/carbs, not enough fruits and veggies, that kind of thing.  I started to try and get the most nutrition out of my food and began substituting things that would fill me AND give the best amounts of protein, fiber etc while keeping the calories to a minimum.  The site is fabulous for aiding in creating a caloric amount specifically for you.  You plug in your current weight and your weight goal, and it generates a calorie, carb, protein, sugar etc. goal for your day.  As you go about your day, you log what you've eaten.  This can take a bit of time initally, but if you keep plugging away at it, it gets easier.
I have also had a thyroid issue and my doctor has finally figured out the correct dosage so the things I have been doing are finally making a difference.  I aim to be a 'fraction of my former self' (size wise) by this time next year.  It has become my motto.  "A Fraction of My Former Weight."  I won't mention what that fraction is but I will say that I have a few multiples of 19 to go!
I am so encourgaed to see this change.  I have felt so discouraged about this aspect of myself for so long that this is an entirely new feeling for me.  I was content in everything about my life....except my size.  And there was nothing I could do to change it.  Now, the things I do actually make a difference to my body.  I still fight discouragement when I hit a small lull and things don't happen as quickly as I'd like.  But I remind myself often that things ARE happening.  God has me going slow and steady for a reason.  I believe that reason to be that it will STAY off.  I'm not fad dieting, I'm making a series of lifestyle changes and I'm feeling pretty good about that.
Stay tuned, I'll mention this again!

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