Saturday, 29 September 2012


Yes, I've been naughty.  I have read probably a dozen or so books this month but haven't blogged about any of them!  So this evening, I have reviewed four and will review more quite soon!   I just have to remember where I actually put the books I have finished reading!  This stack was in my room so they were easy to find. Either I need more book shelves, or I need to begin buying strictly Kindle editions because I have piles of books everywhere. 
Weight wise, I'm down 27 pounds right now and am still planning on losing a bunch more.  I fell off the exercise wagon in August and September and really need to get going at that again.
I'm hoping that all these book reviews are coming in handy to someone out there!  I don't mind telling you that my first 'not-so-positive review' is coming soon!


  1. Blessings......
    Just browsing through bloggersville, thought I'd leave a small comment.

    I too do a lot of reading, this year i have challenged myself to read 100 books is all genres i happen to get my hands on. Some has been good others had the yuck factor. I am still at it....I have read 76 so far, in the process of reading 77, "A long Way Gone, 78: "The Markers Diet", 79:The Courage To Be Free, and 80: "Coveted'" Yeah am actually reading 4 books at a time.

    Peace......have a great weekend.
    Stay blessed

    1. I, too, am reading a bunch of different books at once. And last night, prior to turning out my light, I got two different series (same author and some of the same names of characters) totally mixed up! The hazards of multiple novels on the go!