Sunday, 30 September 2012

Deirdre, by Linda Windsor

Deirdre is book number three in a fantastic series set in the sixth (or seventh?) century.  She is attempting to negotiate her brother's ransom and along the way falls prey to pirates. 
Alric's mother prophesied shortly before dying that Alric would meet a woman and she described Deirdre.  She described her clan's colours and her character.  Is this unbelieving Alric going to believe they were put together by God?  Will he make her his wife?  And what about the sinister plot that is afoot.  Someone is after the very kingdom.

A really great read.  I have mentioned that I enjoy Linda Windsor's writing.  I was sad to see the series end and I don't lightly say that.  Often when a series ends, I'm ready for it to end.  This time, I wanted there to be another novel! 

Highly recommended!

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