Saturday, 29 September 2012

Riona, Linda Windsor

Riona is book number two in the Fires of Glennmara series.  I really enjoyed this series.  I found the writing refreshing and the hero all too human.  The love interest of Kieran, the warrior king was feisty and wouldn't take any 'guff' from Kieran.  I loved the the suspense in the book as well.  It was not predictable and I will definitely be reviewing book number three for you all soon!

Kieran makes a promise to his dying friend to marry Riona and keep her safe.  He would give his life for her if necessary.  Now, to only convince Riona that marriage is the best answer.  The problem is she feels like she should wed the church, not a mere man, and a wholly frustrating one at that! 

Linda Windsor is one of my top ten favourite authors and I highly recommend her novels to anyone who loves a little romance mixed in with a little mystery and some sixth century history.

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