Saturday, 29 September 2012

Heart of Glass, by Jill Marie Landis

I had been waiting for this book!  I read book number one and was hooked by the storyline.  Book number two was also fascinating so of course, I couldn't WAIT for book number three.  And I was not disappointed! 

Heart of Glass, the third book in the Irish Angel Series finds us rooting for Kate Keene.  She arrives at her friend's childhood home to find it in ruins.  After paying the back taxes, she determines that she'll fix it up.  But Belle Fleuve's owner, Colin Delany, doesn't want anything to do with her or her new pet project.  He wants her off his property and away from his injured self.

This book was so much different than book one and two yet totally an interesting read.  Jill Marie Landis knows how to write a great novel.

I will warn you that some titles by this author are not Christian fiction.  I'm assuming that, somewhere along her path, she had a come to Jesus moment because her works now have a Christian flare.  I prefer this style of writing so heartily recommend this author.  I do challenge you, however, to thumb through her novels to find out if it's worth your read.  For myself, I can be assured by the publisher.  If it's put out by Zondervan, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a 'clean' novel.  If you're diligent, you won't pick up one of her older works by mistake.

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