Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Ransomed Dreams, by Amy Wallace (Defenders of Hope Series)

Please bear with me here.  I don't know why but somehow I can't go back and fix stuff once I've typed past it without deleting all of which I have written.  I can fix spelling, but not missed words or, if I want to (which I usually do) tweak it or add words/sentences.  So.... sometimes my blogs may seem a bit...'off'.

The Defenders of Hope Series was awesome.  I think I may have to expand my ten favourite authors to my favourite TWENTY because I am coming across some really great reads lately.

Ransomed Dreams finds Gracie, a teacher alone.  Her family, gone.  Her life is shattered by one moment in time.  Tragic.  She lives each day just going through the motions.
Steven is bitter.  His ex has stomped all over his life.  She abandoned him and their child and leaves him trying to hold it altogether.  Thankfully his dad is there to help him out while he works at the FBI in the Crimes Against Children Unit.

Steven works for the FBI and Gracie is a teacher at a high profile school with excellent security.  But oddly, not secure enough.  Wonder of wonders, Steven's boy is in Gracie's class and when tragedy strikes, maybe, just maybe she can help pick up the pieces.

Amy Wallace is incredible!  Her writing is really heartfelt and I had such compassion for Gracie and I felt the hatred Steven has for his ex-wife.  I could (and likely will) read this novel more than once.

Yes, absolutely recommend!

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