Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Cowboy's Touch, by Denise Hunter

I have read a lot of Denise Hunter's books and I think, of all I have thus far, this just might be my favourite of her titles.

Abigail travels to her aunts for health reasons and lands herself a job as a nanny while there.  She stumbles across the story of a lifetime that could literally save her mother's floundering magazine.

Wade is in hiding.  He has his daughter and his ranch and that's all he needs, or so he thinks.  When Abigail moves in to take care of his daughter, his heart can barely take it.  He needs to keep his distance.

When they learn that they can't  he;p but fall in love, secrets are revealed that may drive them apart forever.  Is he willing to let this pretty woman into his life forever or is just easier to cut and run?  And what is he hiding anyways

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