Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thief, by Linda Windsor, Brides of Alba Series

This is book number two that I ordered and have been waiting for!  I read book number one, Healer, a while ago and I  really loved it.  So I went to The Treasure House and ordered numbers two and three.  Three became available first and I just couldn't wait so I read it before I read number two.  And now, Book number Two, Thief has come in.  I picked it up at the bookstore and have been avidly reading ever since. 

In Thief, outcast Caden is living in a hell on earth.  He doesn't see a way past his personal pain but finally the priest tells him that they way out would be to focus on helping someone else.  After almost dying and being nursed back to health, he agrees to set out and find the long lost daughter of the woman who nursed him.
Sorcha, is just trying to get buy.  The money lender is after her, she is betrothed to a man twice her age and her future step-son is lusting after her.  Can it get any worse?  Yes, apparently, because soon she is in even more trouble than she was. 
Throw in a plot against her fiance, a dead woman come back to life and a bunch of orphans in need of rescue and you have a novel that will keep you awake at nights reading just "one more page". 

This was well written and I have said more than once that Linda Windsor is in my list of favourite authors.  And I think what I really love is the reason she knows so much about this particular time period.  She wrote a small personal testimony in one of her books about how she reached out to her daughter through this historical search and they connected on their love of history.  She was able to woo her daughter back to Christ. 

I will be looking for more of Linda Windsor in the future!  Of course I recommend this book!

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