Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Enduring Justice, Defenders of Hope Series, by Amy Wallace

This might have been my favourite of the three novels in this series! 
Hannah is in trouble and nobody can help her.  At least that's how she feels.  She finally decides to do something about it but the man who might love her may not be able to handle her secret. 
Michael is in the Crimes Against Children Unit of the FBI.  He's learning that the world is an even uglier place than he thought.  Michael is handling a very difficult case and then he gets pulled from the investigation.  His whole team is put on a new case.  Dealing with his angry father, his injured girlfriend and her cranky big brother, and a case that keeps him awake at night is enough to drive him nuts.  But Michael needs to be strong.  Can he accomplish such a feat?

This book was heart wrenching.  Mostly because this kind of thing happens all over the world every day.  And it's wrong and it's tragic. 

I have to say I love a happy ending!  And I'm glad this series ended on a positive note.  Sometimes the good guys win. Definitely recommend.

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