Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Angel in the Saloon, by Jeanne Marie Leach

Twenty year old blind Amelia, has been shipped off to live with an aunt she never knew existed.  Her parents are gone and someone needs to take of her.   Along life's path, she meets two men, best friends, that both fall head over heels for her and the competition to win her hand begins.

I liked this book but it was pretty syrupy.  Set back in the days when a proper lady was treated with the utmost respect, the author has everyone tripping over themselves to accommodate Amelia.  I really do wonder if that is truly how it was.  I trust she did her research well so I assume this is an accurate reflection of that time period.
The book was well written although there were some editing issues to be sure.  The story of forgiveness portrays how God has loved and forgiven us regardless of our actions.  That is true unconditional love.  Having everything wrapped up a neat little package is a bit unrealistic.....but hey, I love a happy ending!

I would read more of this author's work but have to say that there are many other titles I would choose first.  But, it was a good read on yet ANOTHER rainy day.  (Yes, I have been reading a LOT this past week due to the amount of rainfall around here!)

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