Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cecelia, by Patricia Strefling

This must be book two of a series.  It can be read as a stand alone but there were moments when you know you missed something - nothing huge - and most of the blanks are filled in at one point or another.

Brief Outline:
Cecelia is busy organizing her life.  She is successful in business but not in relationships.  She is somewhat cold and aloof.  Spencer might as well be invisible.  What will it take to get her to notice him in that way?  Learning to let go and let God has been a serious struggle for him.  And Cecelia has no interest in God.  She does wonder what she is missing and why her accomplishments don't seem to be enough.  Flitting from one project to the next keeps her busy.  Always busy.

I didn't like Cecelia.  I wanted Spencer to move on to a 'worthy' girl.  I thought he deserved better.  She treated him terribly in the beginning and another girl, Becca, in my opinion, was more soft, kinder, and she loved God.  She and Spencer would have made a fantastic power couple with the common ground of a solid foundation.
The writing was good, although I found some descriptions lengthy and irritating.  Honestly, I don't really care what fantastic outfit they are wearing and I felt like I was reading a Birkenstock commercial at times.  Seriously, they should be paying the author because she plugs the name so often and with such glowing review. 

I liked the story of forgiveness and acceptance and I did end up liking Spencer and Cecelia as a couple in the end when she was more open and likable.
I thought the character Evan was a great addition, although I would have liked Cecelia to stand her ground, but that wouldn't have made it as good a storyline as what the author penned.   And I liked that the author wasn't afraid to show that life is not always a happy ending for all in the way we assume it should be.  God works all things together for good and I loved that we see just how God does that in this story.

I would read the original book and I bet I would prefer it to this one because Cecelia will not be the main character.  I know I'd like Edwina as a main character; she seems approachable and kind, although a bit insecure.

Overall, an okay read on yet another rainy day.

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