Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Healer, by Linda Windsor

Brief Synopsis:
Ronan, future king and Brenna, healer of all, meet under terrible circumstances.  But love blooms and he decides to take her home as his bride.  But sinister events happen, under an evil so great it can hardly be stopped.  Deception, attack and plotting keep them from having the bright, happy, peaceful marriage they desire.

As I have said before, Linda Windsor has become one of my favourite authors lately.  She constantly has me turning page after page, leaving things that I should be doing in favour of reading 'just one more' page.  Her stories are exciting, fast paced, and full of intrigue and mystery.  I can't wait to read more.  This is book one of a series and I must ferret out the next one to find out what happens in the life of one of the characters introduced in this book.  This particular book could stand alone....but I fully believe that once you begin, you will want to read the next and the next in her series. 

Highly enjoyable, highly recommended.

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