Thursday, 9 August 2012

Heiress, Susan May Warren (Daughters of Fortune Series)

This is book one in a series but can be a stand alone.

This story is set in a time where society rules and dictates what is acceptable or not.  Arranged marriages for the sake of title is quite common.  Men married with no intention of being faithful.  Women suffer in loveless marriages and really have no alternative options as it is not proper for them to work outside the home.  They aer relegated to organizing cotillions and trying to stay in the good graces of the women in the upper echelon that can cause anyone to be snubbed for any (sometimes insane) reason.
The book really pulls at the heart strings but sometimes I just wanted to shake a character or two.  Misunderstandings and misguided notions really affect the lives of two sisters.  I wanted to skip to the ending and make sure everyone lives happily ever after.  MOST of the story line is sewn up nice and tight and I can only assume that the unfinished business will be resolved in book number two.
I will likely read book number two but I did find the first book rather drawn out at times...and yet I wanted more of some of the lesser explained moments.  All in all, a satisfying read.  Not my favourite, but pretty perfect for a rainy afternoon!

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