Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rebel, by Linda Windsor

This is the third in the 'Brides of Alba' series.  I have read one and three so I'm pretty confident when I say that they can be stand alone's.  I read number one, having downloaded it (from Amazon for free) to my kindle and enjoyed it so much that I went to my local Christian bookstore and sought out one and two.  They didn't have number two so I went ahead and bought number three.  And I wasn't disappointed.  I will likely buy number two very soon!

In this series finale, we find Alyn, a "disallusioned, somewhat hopeless, non-priest, not quite scientist"~ man who just wants to go home.  It's about 6 AD and, sadly, Alyn arrives to find Merlin has died and Arthur is now accepting counsel from Cassian, a druid who seems to have his own best interests at heart, rather than what is best for his country.  Alyn also finds Kella, a scribe, a girl he grew up with who is no longer a girl but a feisty young woman who still doesn't listen to him.  She is as frustrating as she is beautiful.  Together the two must carry out orders from the queen.  Kella's heart is breaking.  Having found out her fiance is dead and her father is missing, the secret she harbours near bursts from her mouth the minute she first sets eyes on Alyn, the boy she loved as a youth.  She places her hope in him, hoping Alyn will help her find her loved ones. 

I love this series.  Linda Windsor's writing is terrific.  She kept me hooked the entire book through.  Her descriptions are complete while not being overly wordy.  I like that she has really done her research and even offers hints and tips at the end if you'd like to read more about that time period. 
Because I have read parts of two series now, I did see some reference from one to the other which I thought was intriguing.  I will definitely track down the ones I am missing.  Highly recommend!

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