Thursday, 16 August 2012

From a Distance, Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 1, by Tamera Alexander

I really enjoy Tamera Alexander!  This is book 1 of yet another series and yes, can totally be a stand alone.

Elisabeth has come to the Rockies to take pictures of the untamed territory.  She stumbles across a dead body but it disappears!  What is going on?  In the meantime, she quickly decides that pushy, bossy Daniel really isn't so bad.  Set back in the days just after the civil war when slavery was abolished, there are still really harsh feelings on both sides of the situation.  Josiah is about to be branded a murderer, based on his previous history and the colour of his skin.  Stories of hurt, loss and pain abound. 

Tamera Alexander is one of my favourite authors.  She uses subtle humour so nicely!  At times I chuckled out loud.  Her books are fast-paced, full of feeling and, in this case, mystery.  Her books are a delightful read.  I have purchased almost all of her titles.  I think a new one has recently been released but it is not yet in my bookstore.  I must check online as I don't mind if I have an e-book or a paper copy. 

Highly recommend!

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