Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Her Best Catch, by Lindi Peterson

Allison is in her late twenties, lives at home with her mom and grandma and goes to church every Sunday.  When she meets Ashton, famous baseball pitcher, she starts to forget her priorities and her convictions.  She wants a happy ending but is she willing to compromise? 

I found this book a little long and drawn out.  Some of the dating angst seemed so teen-ish.  I would assume that by the time a woman hits her mid-twenties she knows herself well enough to forego all the mind games that one tends to experience in their youth.  Hey, maybe I'm wrong about that. 

I'll read more of her work, I don't like to judge an author too quickly or too harshly.  I will read a couple more of her works before deciding if she is worth my time.  So far, I'd say yes....if I bought the book at a discount.  ;-)

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